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---- Introduction

Years ago, when I really started to get into the occult, I was accepted into a small cult/coven that followed a bastardization of Satanism (devil worship), and the underworld gods of the Necronomicon. For the better part the group seemed to skip a few major sections to make their pantheon & cosmology work…but with that, their cosmology DID work. When I first got into it, much of it did make sense to me, though the more I read of historical documents the less I found the high priestess to be worth listening too. All the inconsistencies aside much of what I learned did work, and much of it worked very well, which was why I adhered to much of it long after I proved so many of her points wrong that the group broke up. Below I will try to lay out what did work (for me) as well as my own bastardization of the Necronomicon and history (as it applies to my own personal experience).

Within the coven there were two factions, those that followed the Father God, and those that followed the Mother goddess. All that follows will mainly follow the teachings of the Mother Goddess, who from now on I’ll call Tiamat. It was Tiamat and the other Ancient ones that our Pantheon was based, and it was these gods and goddesses that we found comfort in. To us they may have been strong and stern and even seemingly mean at times, but we knew that they loved us as they guided and protected us as any patron god should. In many ways they were like parents that scolded their children out of love, and if we ever got out of line they were often very quick to put us in their place.

Here you will find many of the things I've discovered while following these Deities. Much of what can be found here is based on personal experience, dreams, and gut feelings, though a lot is still based on actual documentation from ancient Sumer and Babylonia as well as a fair sprinkling from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Where possible I have tried to give references though in some cases I have left these references off. I'll leave it up to you to decide what is reality and what is my reality. Either way though, I hope you enjoy it.


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